As we have for the past couple years, WVWP has been granted the opportunity to hosting the Junior Olympic (JO) Qualifiers this year.? In order to handle this event, we need every family to volunteer some time, and this will help (or completely!) fulfill your 5 hours requirement (part of Registration Steps) which keeps your cost to attend the Oregon Open Water tournament down.

Details about the JO Qualifiers:

  • Kroc Center, Salem
  • May 13th (Friday) through May 15th (Sunday).

To work toward your minimum 5 hour (as a family) requirement, you can now sign up for the JO Qualifiers using the Google Drive Document.? Note that some of the jobs can be accomplished by players; some require parents / adults. Please put the full name in a given box to block off that time for a job.

NOTE: We are still awaiting the submissions for how many teams will be participating.? This means that the schedule may change – if there may be need to add games, or possibly remove games. Currently, events start at 7am each day.? Obviously we will do everything we can to keep things on schedule, but note that those signed up for the last shift may need to stay later.? Also, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift starts so you can transition easily and learn the responsibilities of the job.

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