As sent in the recent email, here is some important information about the 2017 TruWest Oregon Open Water tournament coming up in less than 2 weeks:

  • Player Registration: has the Player Open Water Tournament Registration form available.? Those families who met their 5 hours during the season enjoy entry to Open Water for only $25.? All players playing during Open Water must register through the site prior to the event.
  • Open Water Dates are Sunday July 9th – Thursday July 13th.? Games are Monday-Wednesday, but just as important is all the time and energy to setup (mostly Sunday) and tear-down (mostly Thursday).
  • The Games Schedule: The final schedule is not yet posted. Stay tuned to Announcements, 2017 Open Water Results page, and/or the Calendar.
    • U14s have games scheduled!? A great experience to take part in the game unlike any you’ll ever get in any pool.
    • Tournament games will be posted around the lake and camping area.? They will be updated regularly.
    • The 2017 Open Water Results page will have the schedule for each course. As a Google Sheet, this will be updated live as games progress.
  • USA WP event:? All players and coaches (including U14s) will need to bring your USA WP card and photo ID to each game.? Referees will be checking.? Similarly, trim those nails.
  • Volunteer Time during the tournament: In addition to the 5 hours during the season, each family should select 5 hours (or more – there’s much to do!) of volunteer time during the Open Water tournament.? Sign up early, and get the spots you want!? Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your time to learn the needs of the position.
    Keep in mind that your 5 hours volunteer time during Open Water for WVWP is separate from any volunteering you do with your high school teams (e.g. scorer’s tables).
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