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Steve Sessa
(Head Coach)
Chris Edison (Asst. Coach)
Kat Smith, Luke Pebley,
Aneesa Field

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Executive Board:
Executive Director ? Stephen Sessa
Director of Operations ? Chris Edison
Director of Finance ? Katleen Smith
President of the Parent Board ? Nancy Loop
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Parent Board:
President ? Nancy Loop
Vice President?? Tami Montague
Secretary ? Kirsten Utter
Treasurer?? Oscar Ramos
Web Master ? Patrick Murphy
Open Water Coordinator?? Nicki Oliver
Check-In Coordinator ? Brian Dieker
Head Chef?? Rich Kitchen
Volunteer Coordinator ? Scott May
Little League Waterpolo – Jennifer Davis
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Mailing Address:
4742 Liberty Rd #277
Salem, OR 97302-5000

ByLaws (PDF)

Member of the Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone (PNWH).
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