For over 16 years Willamette Valley Water Polo club has provided a positive place for kids of all ages to learn and play competitive water polo in events all over the United States. As we move into the next chapter of our program, we are updating our name to Willamette Valley Aquatics (WVA).

It is with great joy that we expand our family to include competitive Swimming with the addition of the Albany Sea Turtles Swim Team (AST).

Albany Swim TeamFor years Babette (Babs) Romancier has been a fixture in the Albany swimming community coaching all ages and all levels.? Babs brings her commitment to excellence to the WVA family, and because of that, we will be able to expand our commitment to the aquatic world by offering two sports in the mid-Willamette Valley. Babs forty plus years? experience in swimming balances the nearly 150 years water polo experience provided by the WVWP staff. Additionally, many of the WVWP staff have swimming backgrounds. It was a natural fit. Both programs will continue to offer competitive Water Polo and Swimming in both Albany and Salem as well as surrounding communities.? With a commitment to growing our sports and coach our athletes at the highest level, WVA will be a strong force for years to come.? As the programs merge the future looks bright.

WVA Swim Team
WVA Water Polo

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