2018 Spring League is here

Parent Meeting:

For any who might have missed the Parent Meeting on Saturday February 24th, you can review the presentation (PDF) shown during that gathering.? Some important take-aways:

  • Player Registration: before any game play is allowed, players must Register with WVWP and USA Water Polo. Details, steps for registration with links on the WVWP Learn More page.
    Dues cover pool costs for all practices throughout the season.
  • Parent Volunteering: each family is expected to contribute 5 hours volunteering time before Oregon Open Water (mid-July), as well as 5 hours WVWP volunteering time at Open Water. Volunteers are the only way the club can operate, and manage to keep dues as low as they are.
    Take a look at the Volunteers Sheet and place your name in a cell.? If you are not sure of a job’s duties but are willing to learn more about this sport, there will be someone to assist/train/work with you.
    1. There are multiple tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheet.
    2. The sheet will change as we get closer to events, once there are schedules for games to determine needs. Check back frequently.
  • TruWest Oregon Open Water: July 8 (Sunday) – July 12 (Thursday).? Games are Monday-Wednesday, but some players and parents will be required to help with setup Sunday night; others with teardown Thursday. More info on the Oregon Open Water page on the site.
  • Junior Olympics and Oregon Elite Polo (OEP): the teams in our spring league are working together to assemble teams to go to Junior Olympics in San Jose at the end of July. Potential age groups are U12, U14, U16, & U18.? More on the OEP page.


David Douglas is hosting the kick-off to the 2018 season tomorrow (March 3).? As mentioned above, players must be registered before play in the Jamboree (schedule on calendar).


In addition to wvwp.org, and periodic emails such as this one, we recommend parents and players both get the TeamApp phone app for Android and iPhone. Once you install, look for WVWP and ask to join. You’ll be approved shortly thereafter.

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